Leader of Commercial LED Lighting Manufacturer in China

About us

"Silverlight, the global brand of middle and high-end chain stores lighting custom experts"
Began in 2006, the first commercial lighting "special light color point, 97 + CRI level lighting," according to the specific site requirements, customizing the best lights. We committed to the development and manufacturing of COB track light, COB downlight, COB venture light, COB trunk light and other commercial lighting and intelligent lighting systems. Providing professional lighting solutions and lights for the global garment, furniture chain brands, hotels, galleries, art galleries, museums.
"Focused, reduction, comfortable" commercial lighting new ideas
They are in business for the purpose, such as clothing shops, furniture stores, stars hotels and others , which need to focus on the outstanding results, better lighting experience, good sense of experience, and having texture of the show, so that customers can consume. Silverlight first proposed and advocated "focused, reduction, comfortable" business new ideas, For your commercial location to customize unique and high-quality light, making your site to be more attractive, it is invisible to enhance your competitiveness.
For general lighting, its goal is to make an object become visible, and light up surroundings.
However, for high-quality commercial lighting, it will give us more things as follows:
It highlights the key,
It presents the details,
It makes us more happy,
It makes the environment more comfortable.
Silverlight believe that:
Good lighting will be perceived by us,
It permeates our senses, trigger amazing feeling, let our emotions influenced and inspired;
It brings security, warmth and comfort, so that our body and mind comfortable experience;
It makes our eyes are more sensitive, let us see deeper detail and more brilliant colors.
Good lighting will create,
Good lighting is an effective tool that can help you create value.